Export Guide: the display window into an infinity of opportunities

Export Guide, the Etelš-Savo provincial brochure, is a joint display window and channel for contacts for all the enterprises operating in Etelš-Savo.

Export Guide is the way to establish a profile of Etelš-Savo as a province more firmly than ever propagating entrepreneurship. Just the one brochure is enough to show to business partners both in Finland and abroad that the province of Etelš-Savo is a province of experts and of professionals.

Download the PDF-version here. Know-how from South Savo (3,6 MB) (PDF 3,6 Mt)

We're in the Internet, too.

By way of its Internet version, Etelš-Savo also introduces itself in the world- wide web. The address http://www.southsavo.com provides an electronic path to making ourselves visible to an ever larger audience. The Internet address is marketed in the Europages - The European Business Directory list of firms as well as in the form of an Internet link at the portal http://www.europages.com

We know what we're about

The people of Etelš-Savo, after all, are aware of their strengths, strengths beyond compare. But do others? Our partners and customers in different parts of the world?

The Export Guide will make sure that Etelš-Savo is noticed, raising it ever more powerfully to the fore as the efficient, well-known and important province of entrepreneurs.

Markku Kakriainen
Managing Director
Etelš-Savo Chamber of Commerce