South Savo - active and attractive!

About the size of Belgium, the Province of South Savo is located in south- eastern Finland. South Savo is an inspiring and encouraging province for entrepreneurship, a region characterised by the appreciation afforded to business activities.

South Savo is centrally placed when considering Finland as a whole: for example, it takes only two and half hours by car to get to Helsinki, the capital, or to St Petersburg, next-door in Russia.

The success of entrepreneurship is also supported by an expert and well-motivated workforce, advantageous production costs, and comprehensive basic services. Diverse opportunities for quality of life and leisure activities ensure that your staff will enjoy living here.

The mainstay of the province is provided by forestry and metal industry. Modern-day printing works and electronics industry further add to the well-being in this province. Numerous advanced enterprises in the fields of environmental technology and specialist industries are world leaders. Moreover, the province is among Europe's leaders in the production of organic foods.

South Savo is a great favourite with tourists in the summer and a region with abundant holiday cottages. State-of-the-art technology provides an excellent basis for teleworking possibilities and the settings for year-round quality living in the province are excellent.

Relative to all of Europe, the educational offering in South Savo is beyond compare. Educational fields of particular strength include the environment, organic foodstuffs cultivation, tourism, the forest industries, food technology, trade with Eastern Europe and the CIS countries, information technology, training in international contacts and exchanges as well as in entrepreneurship. The refinement of these areas to meet today's needs, and those of the future, lies in the hands of the province's modern educational network, including universities and polytechnics.

Every aspect of life in South Savo takes into account the traditions of nature. There are 7,000 lakes and 30,000 kilometres of shoreline. Lake Saimaa, among the world's most precious systems of inland waterways, is located in South Savo. The environment is taken into account in all aspects of human life, and this is fast making South Savo a paragon of entrepreneurial success.

South Savo has a uniquely strong cultural heritage, handed down from its history, so rich in nuances. Culture forms, indeed, a solid basis for all new forms of enterprise. The province has managed to turn it into a successful industry.

South Savo has population of some 170,000 people. In many municipalities, the holiday season doubles this number. Half the population live on farms and in villages and small towns, the other half residing in the three towns: Mikkeli, Savonlinna and Pieksämäki.